First recordings in Berlin

During their stay at ZAS, Alexandra and Hélène recorded 25 native speakers of German, while recalling stories in different conditions of legs and/or arm movements. Alexandra defended her Master thesis with great success, based on the first analysis of this corpus. Hélène is back in Grenoble and will now further analyze the corpus and especially the breathing patterns.

Salammbo at the Long Night of Science, 15th of June 2019 in Berlin

  • On Saturday, you can see us at the Leibniz Headquarter at the Long Night of Science [], an event where research institutes open their doors for the public. We will do an interactive experiment entiteled "Step up your thoughts". Everybody is welcome!

Wikimedia, VW foundation and the Donors' Association support Heather Weston for 8 months

  • Heather applied to be a member of the "Fellow program for free knowledge" []. Mentors will support her for 8 months, starting in September 2019. The central aim of the program is to strengthen open science in order to improve the transfer of knowledge into society and the quality of scientific research and teaching. Transparency, collaborative work and learning, reproducibility and comparability of scientific work are elementary prerequisites for this.

Abstract accepted at EuroCogSci 2019 in Bochum

Susanne Fuchs was invited to a Wenner Gren workshop on biomedical linguistic anthropology in Alabama

  • A group of researchers from Europe, the US and Australia met from the 19th -25th of May 2019. They discussed biological and social aspects of language and their consequences for health. We got many new inspirations.

Alexandra Steinhilber and Hélène Serre in Berlin

  • Alexandra and Hélène will be 3 weeks / 3 months in Berlin in order to start with data collection from March to June 2019. We are looking forward to see the results!

Abstract accepted for the International Conference on Dance Data, Cognition and Multimodal Communication

  • Our abstract on "Speaking during rhythmic motions of the feet vs. the hands: how do speech and limb movement affect each other?" has been accepted for poster presentation at the DDCMC conference in Lisbon!

Leonardo Lancia in Berlin, March 2019

  • Thanks to Leo, we were able to test the relation between the internal clocks for signals from the motion capture and the breathing computer. Post-processing and synchronization work now! Thanks a lot Leo!

Open access for our book on learning and memory

  • Out of ca. 50 books that Peter Lang Publisher has proposed for the crowdfunding initiative "Knowledge Unlatched" [], 13 have been selected by a jury of international librarians. The initiative is raising money for publishing books as open access. We are very proud that the book we edited ("Speech Production and Perception: Learning and Memory") has been selected! Thanks a lot to all the unknown sponsors.

Pamela Fuhrmeister (University of Connecticut) arrived at the 19th of November 2018

  • She received funding from her university to go abroad and stay at ZAS for one month. Pamela is working on the role of sleep and body motion on learning new phonetic contrasts. She has started to run experiments now.

First meeting: Hélène Serré in Berlin from 11th-16th of November 2018

  • Hélène visited our lab, and we exchanged our knowledge on the technical side (configurations of motion capture markers), synchronisation between all multimodal channels, and we started to develop the narratives for our experimental design. Hélène also attended the workshop on "Dynamical modelling" (by Khalil Iskarous from USC in L.A.) organized by Aude Noiray in Postdam. Time was too short!

Uwe Reichel (U Munich) at ZAS from 8th-9th of September 2018

  • Uwe Reichel visited us and showed us different tools to carry out automatic analyses of text (POS tagging, WebMouse.....). Thanks Uwe!

Participation at the Science of Learning Symposium at the MPI for Human Development

  • Researchers from very different disciplines met in Berlin (2nd-3rd of September, 2018) and exchanged their different views on learning.

Hélène Serré's PhD will start in October

  • Hélène Serré will join Gipsa-Lab on October the 1st for a 3 years PhD in Grenoble with close collaboration with ZAS in Berlin. She will work on speech, breathing, and limb coordination during the production and the memorization of verbal information.

Heather Weston's PhD will start in October

  • Heather Weston will joing ZAS on October the 1st for a 3 years PhD in Berlin with close collaboration with GIPSA-lab in Grenoble. She will work on ideosyncratic body properties (e.g. height, weight, training) and their effect on body motion, breathing, and different linguistic levels.